How long have you been photographing weddings?

Eddie's first job out of school in 2011 was second shooting weddings for a studio just outside of Chicago. Jordan began her  career working in a studio with product and food photography. As Eddie's wedding business grew in Austin, Texas, Raven and Hare was started and we've been photographing weddings together since 2016. 

What is your favorite thing about being a wedding photographer?

Visual storytelling is undeniably beautiful and rewarding. Capturing the most important day of someone's life is an honor for us, but the best part is the people we meet. We've met some incredible couples over the years and we truly enjoy getting to see them grow throughout life's big milestones.     

How many photos can we expect?

For 8 hours of coverage with two photographers, you can expect to receive around 800 final images. The images you'll receive will all be edited and delivered through an online gallery where you can download them, or order prints. 

What is your editing style?

Vibrant, classic, romantic, simple. Our color grading is mostly used to enhance the colors that are already there, not to change it too drastically. With wedding trends coming and going, your images will always be in style this way. We prefer to edit to our current style, however, if you prefer a variation we can make adjustments.

What type of client do you prefer to work with?

Our ideal clients are couples who are without a doubt head over heels in love with one another. We like to work with people who are comfortable being close with each other and a little pda, so if you don't like kissing for photos, it may not be a good fit. Lastly, trust and confidence in us and our vision. We don't just want you to hire us, we want you to want us. As cheesy as that is.   

How would you best describe your shooting style on a wedding day?

Easy going is a term that people often use to describe working with us. I think that's because we aim to be upbeat without being phony, and professional without being too bossy. Sometimes a fly on the wall approach is best, and other times we may need to direct you where to stand. It's a mix of documentation and portraiture with a focus on the couple, and taking photos for 8 hours isn't something you're probably used to so it's got to be fun and easy for you. That's why we have to stay balanced, as much for ourselves as for you. We want to be the positive asset to your wedding day that you can't wait to tell others they need for their wedding. 

When will our photos be ready?

You'll receive highlights from your special day in the first week and on average we deliver our wedding galleries in about 2 weeks. We ask that you allow up to 4-6 weeks during peak season. Sessions are delivered within 1 week of the shoot.

How do we book with you?

We prefer to start with a call or in person consultation. Then when you're ready to book, we'll send over the contract for you to sign electronically. A 50% non-refundable deposit is also needed to secure your date on our calendar. 

Will you help us make the photography timeline for our wedding?

Don't worry if you don't have a coordinator/planner to help, we can answer any questions you have have about your photo timeline.

Why have two photographers?

When we can document from both perspectives throughout the day, your wedding gallery will be a more complete story. We can be in two places, not only getting different angles of the same moment, but allowing us to capture so many more serendipitous things in between. An extra set of hands also allows us to do more unique off camera lighting techniques for portraits and reception. Single shooter weddings will be photographed with mostly all natural light, and on camera flash for the reception.     

Do you make albums or offer prints?

Yes, tangible photography is something that you cannot beat. We have print and album packages, and you can also order a plethora of other printed items through our online gallery. 

Have you ever had to cancel on someone or missed a wedding?

Luckily, we've never had an emergency that has caused us to cancel. In that event, however, we will aid in finding you a replacement.

Will there be a travel fee for my venue?

Our rates cover travel to most of our shoots. If it's beyond 50 miles (100 miles round trip) to the wedding venue or engagement location, there will be a small travel fee. If you're planning a destination wedding, we can put together a more detailed estimate for your particular event.